Where to Look for a nice Urdu chat?

If you’re looking at this text, you’re probably pretty aware of what Urdu chat is – a chat room or a chat site in which people talk in the Urdu language, which is the common language of all people in Pakistan. Urdu is derived from Persian , Arabic and  Turkic influences over the Khariboli dialect of Delhi. It’s a language that carries hundreds of years as its heritage, but also a modern language in which many people speak nowadays.

Who needs Urdu Chat?

Finding an Urdu chat site will obviously benefit the multitude of Pakistani people who want to talk to others in their native language. But since there are many people in Pakistan who speak other languages, one might look specifically for Urdu as a desired option , if that’s easier for the person.

If you’re a student in an university and you’re currently studying the language, it might also be a good idea to go to an Urdu chat room where you can talk to people and study the language from its actual source , which is the people and not the textbooks , as some might think.

Where to find Urdu chat?

A simple Google search will probably give you enough options for a good Urdu chat, but nevertheless it will be a good idea to mention some of the most popular sites here,  so as to make your life easier, at least a bit.

If you’re a native and already understand the language, it will probably be no problem for you to visit and use the Urdu chat site at Urdumaza.net, as it is meant for people who are already knowledgeable.

If you’re just starting ,and you’re more comfortable with English instead, please try the Chat4Joy.com Urdu chat option, since the interface is made easy for use and will spare you some translation troubles.

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